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So, yeah.  Another blog.  I’d like to think that there actually is a good reason for it, but I might have a hard time convincing anyone else.  But I’ll at least try to make my case.

My “Mormonism:  Really Want to Know?” blog is intended to serve a very specific purpose, which is to be a resource for non-Mormons who have questions about the Church and would like a short, practical and honest answer.  It also might provide some help to Latter-day Saints who are struggling to find a way to answer some of the stickier questions about the Church.  It’s great fun to write, and I hope that at least a few people have found it helpful.

But other things come up regarding the Church that I would like to write about but which don’t fit the format or purpose of the other blog.  I might want to share what I think is a scriptural insight, grouse about something that irritates me, or respond to some boneheaded article about Mormons that I find on the Internet.  In other words, anything that pops up in my head that might not be appropriate for the other blog.

Might also be handy in the off-chance that I want to rant.  Not that I have ever been inclined to do such a thing.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. 1) Are Mormons allowed to lie to those who are not Mormons?
    2) I’ve read there is absolutely no genetic evidence (scientific proof)linking the Lost Tribes of Israel to any American Indian tribe!.. in fact quite to the contrary!.. there is no genetic, or DNA, link between Biblical Hebrews or Isrealites and native American “Indians”.. is this true? &, if not, how would you defend this connection which is key to Mormomism?

    • 1. Of course not. Not only is the notion offensive, but what would be the point? Why teach one thing, and then when people convert, you tell them it was all a sham. Not exactly a great retention tool. One of the questions asked in connection with receiving a temple recommend, by the way, is “Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?”
      2. I just read a fascinating article on this issue, and I wish that I had sufficient background in genetics to be able to summarize it in brief form. But there are several issues with the commonly asserted claim that there is no genetic evidence connecting Hebrews with Native American tribes. A couple worth noting. First, there is no claim in the Book of Mormon that the people recorded in the Book of Mormon were the only people in the Americas. I think, frankly, that would be an absurd idea, although many in the Church oversimplify and claim that anyone with indigenous blood is a “Lamanite.” To the extent that the people of the Book of Mormon may have been relatively isolated, you wouldn’t expect much, if any, genetic connecction. Second, we don’t know what we are looking for. Without having a genetic sample from the people who came to America, you really don’t know what to look for. Third, genetics is a rapidly developing field, so to say that there is “no evidence” of a connection and close the book on the issue would be intellectually unsound. By the way, the “Lost Tribes of Israel” and the people of the Book of Mormon are not the same. Folks who haven’t read the Book of Mormon frequently make the assertion that they are, because they don’t understand the structure of the book. The article I read is in a book called “No Weapon Shall Prosper,” edited by Robert Millet. It contains a number of articles that deal with some of the more challenging questions about the Church.

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