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Incense on the Altar

Incense on the Altar

R.S. Ghio


Slightly burnt cookies quietly deposited on a doorstep

Acrid sweat earned in lifting a brother

Residue of a thousand cigarettes lingering nervously at the back of the chapel

Fetid cloud of diapers, Cheerios and recess enveloping a harried mother

Antiseptic air in a hospital room during a prayer of faith

Sweet savour to the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Incense on the Altar

  1. You left out: Holding the hand of a dying loved one ; Watching a young man passing Sacrament for the first time, then watching him grow as time goes on; Seeing a young Bishop grow as time goes by; Seeing the faces of the mother placing her new baby into the hands of the Priesthood Holders to give it a name and a blessing; Seeing the faces of the men giving a family member/friend a final Blessing; Seeing someone grow in their calling; Getting comfort from the Scriptures and/or prayer. You know what??? This could be an endless subject. Thank you for reminding me . . . and others . . . to open our eyes/hearts and be grateful for ALL our many blessing . . . including your wonderful blog and for all the time you take out of your ever so full and busy iife to help others with it. You are a great man. Thank you for sharing. Hugs/love to you and your family. One of your biggest fans,

  2. I can testify to #5. One of my most bittersweet memories. And look where you are today. Amen. And amen. All from the hearts of many mothers.

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