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The Perfect Priesthood Holder

Came across this today.  Something I wrote several years ago and forgot about.

The Perfect Priesthood Holder

The perfect Priesthood holder
Wasn’t much to look at.
Long hair and a scraggly beard. 
Dirty feet shoved into dirtier sandals.

Poor as the dirt on his clothes,
He pretended to nothing more.
He drew no attention to himself
But pointed every eye to God.

The perfect Priesthood holder
Was all about the little guy
The one too lame, too slow
To catch the angel on troubled water

Unimpressed with money
Less so with those who held it.
In a crowd, the face he saw
Was the one that needed him most.

The perfect Priesthood holder
Never worried about acting the part
Cared nothing for who was watching him
But gave all for those he was watching over

The perfect Priesthood holder
Preferred to do right
Rather than to make the right


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