Ode to a Mustache

For those of us who just can’t abide looking like a General Authority….

Dedicated to Bobbie Bailey, who appreciates mustaches better than anyone I’ve ever known.

Ode to a Mustache

Oh mustache, my mustache

I’ve known you so long

I’ll write you this poem

Because I can’t write a song


I know some folks hate you

But you’ve done them no harm

You’ve just saved food for later

And kept my lip warm


When I married my sweetheart

My mustache was there

She’d love me without money

But not without facial hair


Though sometimes I’ve shaved you

You never asked why

You knew you’d be back

Because:  Magnum P.I.


Oh mustache, my mustache

We go together so well

If there are no mustaches in Heaven

I guess I’ll wear you in Hell