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The Well-Worn Path

This gentle path seemed too serene
For one as wise as I
A gentle voice said “Stay the course.”
I heard but wondered why.

Life’s far too short for well-lit paths
With no dangers, pits or snares
Adventure lies in darker paths
The prize for he who dares.

So stepping off the long-worn road
Into forest dark and cold
I set my own, more perilous path
To prove myself more bold.

But courage failed in stygian wood
When soon my way was lost
The scattered bones of wanderers past
Foretold this journey’s cost.

Yet deeper still my footsteps trod
Around me naught but night
The safe path a faint memory
Forgotten was the light.

The gloom embraced and blinded me
My pride refused to bend
Then that same voice said “By thy choice
Thy wandering can end.”

And in the distant, faintly seen
A light between the trees
That well-worn path of travelers past
One last time beckoned me.

The promise of its sunlit warmth
Its familiar gentle track
They called me to an easier way
I turned and stumbled back.

The journey back was long and sore
Faint hope still urged me on
I fell onto the familiar road
And wept to feel the sun.

Though forests dark will call to us
And tempt us all to roam
Far better is the Master’s path
That leads the traveler home.


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