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Another Blog? Not Full Enough of Yourself Yet?

So, yeah.  Another blog.  I’d like to think that there actually is a good reason for it, but I might have a hard time convincing anyone else.  But I’ll at least try to make my case.

My “Mormonism:  Really Want to Know?” blog is intended to serve a very specific purpose, which is to be a resource for non-Mormons who have questions about the Church and would like a short, practical and honest answer.  It also might provide some help to Latter-day Saints who are struggling to find a way to answer some of the stickier questions about the Church.  It’s great fun to write, and I hope that at least a few people have found it helpful.

But other things come up regarding the Church that I would like to write about but which don’t fit the format or purpose of the other blog.  I might want to share what I think is a scriptural insight, grouse about something that irritates me, or respond to some boneheaded article about Mormons that I find on the Internet.  In other words, anything that pops up in my head that wouldn’t be appropriate for the other blog.

Might also be handy in the off-chance that I want to rant.  Not that I have ever been inclined to do such a thing.


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